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Dr. JOSEF Fruehwald

Lecturer in Sociolinguistics

Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Pennsylvania


2003-2007 - BA Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania

2008-2013 - PhD Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests

Sociolinguistic Variation, Phonological Variation, Phonetic Variation, Language Change, The Phonology-Phonetics Interface, Quantitative Methods, Automated Acoustic Analysis, Dialectology, Dialect Geography


2009 - Summer R Study Group, University of Pennsylvania

2010 - Summer R Study Group, University of Pennsylvania

2010 - Research Assistant, University of Pennsylvania

2010 - Guest Lecturer, Swarthmore College

2011 - Teaching Assistant (Introduction to Sociolinguistics), University of Pennsylvania

2011 - (fall) Gave Reshape and Plyr Tutorial, University of Pennsylvania

2012 - (fall) Visualising Linguistic Data Using the Grammar of Graphics: ggplot2 Conference Workshop, University of New York. 

2012 - Teaching Assistant (Intoduction to Linguistics), University of Pennsylvania

2013 - Guest Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania

2013 - Present: Intro to Sociolinguistics (MSc)

2013 - Present: LEL2B, Phonetic Analysis and Empirical Methods

2015 - Present: The Grammar of Variation 

Administrative Roles

2008-2011 - Penn Linguistics Colloquium, committee member

2008-2012 - Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, Editor

2010 - Penn Linguistics Colloquium, Co-chair

2010-2011 - Ad Hoc Reviewer, Language Variation and Change

2011-2012 - IRCS Undergraduate Summer Workshop, Cruise Director President, Penn Graduate Linguistics Society, University of Pennsylvania Student Falculty Liaison.

2012 - Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Phonetics, Reviewer PLC 37, Reviewer NWAV 42, Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume Editor 18.1

2013 - MSc Applied Linguistics: Admissions

2014 (Fall) - PPLS Quality Assurance Director

2014 - Present: LEL Quality Assurance Representative

2014 - Present: Staff-Student Liason Committee Convenor


ID: 9830644