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Keith Smith

University of Edinburgh Health Data Research UK UKRI Innovation/Rutherford Fund Fellow


I am an early-career HDRUK fellow with a PhD in biomedical signal processing from the Institute for Digital Communications at the University of Edinburgh. This follows from an MSc in Actuarial Science from Heriot-Watt University and a first BSc. in Mathematics from Glasgow University.

Research Interests

I aim to develop mathematical tools to illuminate hidden interdependencies of biomedical data that will help to understand disease processes and enhance classification strategies. This focuses on complex networks methods, including analyses of brain functional connectivity, as well as the integrated analysis of multi-modal data across the anatomy.

I am also interested in fundamental questions of brain structure and function as well as of the mind, and I am interested in the applications of my methodologies to uncover and understand general emergent properties of networks throughout biological, social and physical spheres.


I am a tutor in the Data Science in Medicine course for 2nd year medical students.

ID: 60684028