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Dr Kenneth Baillie

Snr. Clinical Research Fellow in Anaesthesia & Critical Care

  1. 2013
  2. Modelling mutational and selection pressures on dinucleotides in eukaryotic phyla -selection against CpG and UpA in cytoplasmically expressed RNA and in RNA viruses

    Simmonds, P., Xia, W., Baillie, J. K. & McKinnon, K., 10 Sep 2013, In : BMC Genomics. 14, 1, 16 p., 610.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  3. An updated systematic review of the role of host genetics in susceptibility to influenza

    Horby, P., Nguyen, N. Y., Dunstan, S. J. & Baillie, J. K., Sep 2013, In : Influenza and other respiratory viruses. 7 Suppl 2, p. 37-41 5 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalLiterature review

  4. Influenza - Time to Target the Host?

    Baillie, J. K. & Digard, P., 11 Jul 2013, In : The New England Journal of Medicine. 369, 2, p. 191-193 3 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  5. Wide variation and systematic bias in expert clinicians' perceptions of prognosis following brain injury

    Moore, N. A., Brennan, P. M. & Baillie, J. K., Jun 2013, In : British Journal of Neurosurgery . 27, 3, p. 340-343 4 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  6. Endogenous Retrotransposition Activates Oncogenic Pathways in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    Shukla, R., Upton, K. R., Munoz-Lopez, M., Gerhardt, D. J., Fisher, M. E., Thu Nguyen, N. V., Brennan, P. M., Baillie, J. K., Collino, A., Ghisletti, S., Sinha, S., Iannelli, F., Radaelli, E., Dos Santos, A., Rapoud, D., Guettier, C., Samuel, D., Natoli, G., Carninci, P., Ciccarelli, F. D. & 3 others, Garcia-Perez, J., Faivre, J. & Faulkner, G. J., 28 Mar 2013, In : Cell. 153, 1, p. 101-111 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  7. Complete genome sequence of methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus containing a heterogeneic staphylococcal cassette chromosome element

    Li, D., Chu, Y., Ren, L., Li, X., Yuan, L., Kang, Y., Zhang, W., Yang, Y., Wang, X., Baillie, J. K., Yu, J. & Gao, Z., Mar 2013, In : Science China. Life sciences. 56, 3, p. 268-274 7 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  8. 2012
  9. Retinal vessel tortuosity in response to hypobaric hypoxia

    MacCormick, I. J. C., Somner, J., Morris, D. S., MacGillivray, T. J., Bourne, R. R. A., Huang, S. S., MacCormick, A., Aspinall, P. A., Baillie, J. K., Thompson, A. A. R. & Dhillon, B., Dec 2012, In : High Altitude Medicine and Biology. 13, 4, p. 263-268 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  10. A gene expression atlas of the domestic pig

    Freeman, T. C., Ivens, A., Baillie, J. K., Beraldi, D., Barnett, M. W., Dorward, D., Downing, A., Fairbairn, L., Kapetanovic, R., Raza, S., Tomoiu, A., Alberio, R., Wu, C., Su, A. I., Summers, K. M., Tuggle, C. K., Archibald, A. L. & Hume, D. A., 15 Nov 2012, In : BMC Biology. 10, n/a, 21 p., 90.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  11. IFITM3 restricts the morbidity and mortality associated with influenza

    GenISIS Investigators, The MOSAIC Investigators & Haley, C., 26 Apr 2012, In : Nature. 484, 7395, p. 519-23 5 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  12. Conservation and divergence in Toll-like receptor 4-regulated gene expression in primary human versus mouse macrophages

    Schroder, K., Irvine, K. M., Taylor, M. S., Bokil, N. J., Le Cao, K-A., Masterman, K-A., Labzin, L. I., Semple, C. A., Kapetanovic, R., Fairbairn, L., Akalin, A., Faulkner, G. J., Baillie, J. K., Gongora, M., Daub, C. O., Kawaji, H., McLachlan, G. J., Goldman, N., Grimmond, S. M., Carninci, P. & 5 others, Suzuki, H., Hayashizaki, Y., Lenhard, B., Hume, D. A. & Sweet, M. J., 17 Apr 2012, In : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 109, 16, p. E944-E953

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle