Edinburgh Research Explorer

Kim Summers

UoE Honorary staff

  1. A high resolution atlas of gene expression in the domestic sheep (Ovis aries)

    Clark, E. (Creator), Bush, S. (Creator), McCulloch, M. (Creator), Farquhar, I. (Creator), Young, R. (Creator), Lefevre, L. (Creator), Pridans, C. (Creator), Tsang, H. (Creator), Wu, C. (Creator), Afrasiabi, C. (Creator), Watson, M. (Creator), Whitelaw, B. (Creator), Freeman, T. (Creator), Summers, K. (Creator), Archibald, A. (Creator), Hume, D. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 10 Aug 2017, 10.7488/ds/2112


  2. De novo gene and transcript models created for a gene expression atlas of the domestic water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

    John, W. (Creator), Archibald, A. (Creator), Gokhale, S. (Creator), Kumar, S. (Creator), Hume, D. (Creator), Joshi, A. (Creator), Young, R. (Creator), Lefevre, L. (Creator), Bush, S. (Creator), Singh, S. H. (Creator), Kumar Jadhav, S. (Creator), Lisowski, Z. (Creator), Iamartino, D. (Creator), Summers, K. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 18 Jun 2019, 10.7488/ds/2572


  3. Dogslife height and weight data - the first 7 years of the cohort

    Woolley, C. (Creator), Clements, D. (Creator), Summers, K. (Creator), Querry, D. (Creator), Rose, E. (Creator), Chamberlain, K. (Creator), Handel, I. (Creator), Bronsvoort, M. (Creator), Pugh, C. (Creator), Morgan, K. (Creator), Ollier, B. (Creator), Kennedy, L. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 11 Jun 2019, 10.7488/ds/2569


  4. Gene expression in the cardiovascular system of the domestic sheep (Ovis aries)

    Hume, D. (Creator), Corcoran, B. (Creator), MacRae, V. (Creator), Summers, K. (Creator), Hooker, S. (Creator), Tsang, G. (Creator), Clark, E. (Creator), Markby, G. A. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 27 Apr 2020, 10.7488/ds/2808


  5. Variant discovery from whole genome sequence data from a commercial broiler line and a CSFIR- mApple reporter transgenic layer line

    Freem, L. (Creator), Summers, K. (Creator), Gheyas, A. (Creator), Psifidi, A. (Creator), Boulton, K. (Creator), MacCallum, A. (Creator), O’Dell, J. (Creator), Bush, S. (Creator), Hume, D. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 6 Sep 2019, 10.7488/ds/2618