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Kirsten Knox

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Education/Academic qualification

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice , University of Edinburgh
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of York
The Role of AXR3/IAA17 and SHY2/IAA3 in the root hair development of Arabidopsis

Professional Qualifications

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, FHEA

Current Research Interests

My research centres around determining the mechanisms which control phloem transport. I collaborate with chemists, dissecting which structures and physico-chemical properties make substances phloem mobile. Understanding these determinants will allow the design of smarter, more effective and less environmentally damaging herbicides. I have also developed tools to make the study of phloem transport easier, and recently used these to show that the velocity of phloem sap transport changes in response to environmental stimuli. I am also passionate about delivering excellent university teaching, and believe that research and teaching should operate synergistically in universities.

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