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Kristin Mojsiewicz

Lecturer - Sculpture

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Kristin Mojsiewicz


  • Edinburgh College of Art
Postal address:
Lauriston Place
United Kingdom

Email: k.mojsiewicz@ed.ac.uk

Web address: http://www.brassart.org.uk


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Heriot-Watt University

Award Date: 1 Jan 2010

Master of Fine Art, Manchester Metropolitan University

Award Date: 1 Jan 1996

Bachelor of Fine Art, Edinburgh College of Art

Award Date: 1 Jan 1994

Research output

Everything is dark, is light

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A trick of the Light: Magic, Mystery and Illusion

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Freud's figure-ground in motion: Macabre, rare, banal, eerie and sentimental

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Brass Art: that-which-is-not

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Shadow worlds: Writers' rooms: Freud's house

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Freud's figure-ground in motion

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Reconnecting Senses

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Thought positions in sculpture

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'Freud’s House: ​The Double' ​and ‘Freud’s House: The Double Mirror’​

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Brass Art: Shadow Worlds | Writers' Rooms - Freud's House

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Freud's House: The Double

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The Festival of the Unconscious

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Submerged and disrupted identities

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Last dark music of the painted night

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A house within a house within a house within a house

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Art in the Home #2

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Leave the Capitol: An Exploration of Contemporary Identity from the Masters Programme, Edinburgh College of Art

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The Imagining of Things

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Time for Light

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The Citation of a Collective Voice

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The Air which Held Them

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Mirrors of the Mind

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From Wunderkammern to Kinect-the creation of shadow worlds

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Flights of Fancy

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From Wunderkammern to Kinect

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Shadow Worlds: Bronte Parsonage

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Take Me I’m Yours: Workshop Paper

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Shadow World’s | Writer’s Rooms

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Wonder and the Digital Double

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Still Life No.1

Brass Art, 1 Oct 2011

Pinning it Down: Drawing as Capture

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Brass Art: Collaboration

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Digital Doubles

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The Economy of the Gift

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Inside Out: sculpture in the digital age

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Tell it to the Trees

Brass Art, 11 Jul 2009

The Jerwood Drawing Prize

Brass Art, 17 Sep 2008