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Dr Kristin Mojsiewicz

Lecturer - Sculpture

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Kristin Mojsiewicz


  • Edinburgh College of Art
Postal address:
Lauriston Place
United Kingdom

Email: k.mojsiewicz@ed.ac.uk

Web address: http://www.brassart.org.uk


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Heriot-Watt University

Master of Fine Art, Manchester Metropolitan University

Bachelor of Fine Art, Edinburgh College of Art

Research output

Everything is dark, is light

Roberts, S., Art, B., Lewis, C., Mojsiewicz, K. & Pettican, A., 21 Nov 2019.


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A trick of the Light: Magic, Mystery and Illusion

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Freud's figure-ground in motion: Macabre, rare, banal, eerie and sentimental

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Brass Art: that-which-is-not

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Brass Art: Gestured

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Shadow worlds: Writers' rooms: Freud's house

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Freud's figure-ground in motion

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Reconnecting Senses

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Thought positions in sculpture

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Brass Art: Shadow Worlds | Writers' Rooms - Freud's House

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Freud's House: The Double Mirror

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Freud's House: The Double

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The Festival of the Unconscious

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Submerged and disrupted identities

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Last dark music of the painted night

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A house within a house within a house within a house

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Art in the Home #2

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Leave the Capitol: An Exploration of Contemporary Identity from the Masters Programme, Edinburgh College of Art

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The Imagining of Things

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Time for Light

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The Citation of a Collective Voice

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The Air which Held Them

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Flights of Fancy

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From Wunderkammern to Kinect

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Shadow Worlds: Bronte Parsonage

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Take Me I’m Yours: Workshop Paper

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Shadow World’s | Writer’s Rooms

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Wonder and the Digital Double

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Still Life No.1

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Pinning it Down: Drawing as Capture

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Brass Art: Collaboration

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Digital Doubles

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The Economy of the Gift

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Inside Out: sculpture in the digital age

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Tell it to the Trees

Brass Art, 11 Jul 2009

The Jerwood Drawing Prize

Brass Art, 17 Sep 2008