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Kristin Nicodemus

Chancellor's Fellow

Willingness to take PhD students: Yes

Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Sch Publ Hlth
Bachelor of Social Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
Bachelor of Social Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
Master of Public Health, University of Minnesota School of Public Health

Research Interests

I develop new statistical and algorithmic methods to find combinations of genes that underlie risk for psychiatric disorders.

My research in a nutshell

My research interests fall under two broad categories: 1) statistical genetics, including statistical and algorithmic methodology development, and 2) psychiatric genomics, in particular schizophrenia, major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder. My current work in the field of statistical genomics is on polygenic and epistatic methodology development, pathway analysis, meta-machine learning algorithm development and consensus clustering. In psychiatric genomics, I am interested in the integration of different data types (e.g., genomic, clinical, cognitive and neuroimaging), multiple pathway analysis, hybrid polygenic and epistatic modeling of pathway-based risk for psychiatric disorders.

ID: 16779397