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Dr Krithika Srinivasan

Lectureship or Senior Lectureship in Human Geography


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Meanwhile in the future: endangered animals live in armored zoos: http://t.co/auqDUSXau9 

Public Scholarship 

Srinivasan, Krithika; Kasturirangan, Rajesh; Rao, Smitha. (2018) Conservation scapegoats and developmentality, Seminar: The Monthly Symposium, No. 702 (February), 18-22 (Available: http://www.india-seminar.com/semframe.html) 

Srinivasan K, What the Fights over the Beef Ban and Jallikattu tell us about the Cultural Politics of Animal Welfare. The Wire (1/02/2016) (http://thewire.in/20564/the-cultural-politics-of-animal-welfare-in-india/)

Srinivasan K, Rao S, Kasturirangan R (2015). Killing Off India's Dogs is Not the Way to Get Rid of its Rabies Problem. The Wire (17/09/2015) (http://thewire.in/10831/killing-off-indias-dogs-is-not-the-way-to-get-rid-of-its-rabies-problem/)

Srinivasan K, Rao S (2015). A multipronged approach is needed to control dog menace. Hindustan Times (16/09/2015).

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