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Kyle Dexter

Senior Lecturer

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Research Interests

I can variously be categorised as an evolutionary, tropical or community ecologist, or as a biogeographer or botanist. My past research focused on using phylogenetic and population genetic tools to understand community assembly. My current and future research centres around determining how ecological niches have evolved in the past, with implications for biogeographic patterns, community structure, and the response of species to future environmental change.

I have a long history of working in the Amazon and am currently expanding my work into Neotropical savannas and dry forests. In addition, I conduct research in southern Africa and in the southern Appalachian mountains of the USA. I view careful fieldwork as an integral component to advancing ecological and evolutionary knowledge, while I also heavily emphasise statistical modelling.

Applications from students and post-docs are welcomed on any of the above topics, and more details on my group's research can be found on my website.


ID: 6012280