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Kylie Matchett

Research Fellow

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Email: kylie.matchett@ed.ac.uk

Research interests

Utilising both sequencing and intravital imaging tools my research explores the role of endothelia in organ fibrosis and regeneration. I aim to further define the microenvironmental cues arising from the regenerative niche, which instruct and differentially modulate parenchymal cell proliferation.

Moving forward, I am keen to engender a richly interdisciplinary research network. Combining experimental, computational and theoretical approaches through working with biologists, engineers, clinicians, physicists and bioinformaticians in order to gain a rich insight into organ biology in homeostasis and disease.


After obtaining my BSc(Hons) in Human Biology (1st class), I completed doctoral training between 2009 and 2013 at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. This investigated the effects of antioxidant compounds on adipocyte proliferation and differentiation in vitro, alongside a pilot study in obese individuals to determine the effectiveness of the intake of an encapsulated antioxidant concentrate at reducing plasma markers of inflammation in this population.

Following my PhD I obtained a Research Assistant position in Prof. Neil Henderson’s lab before moving to a postdoctoral position in 2014.

ID: 17032345