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Luigi Del Debbio

Personal Chair in Theoretical High Energy Physics

Research Interests

Prof Del Debbio's research interests are in Quantum Field Theory. His main focus is on nonperturbative aspects of field theories, and their application to particle physics. Using both analytical and numerical methods he has worked on several aspects of Quantum Chromodynamics, low-dimensional fermionic models, and models of electroweak symmetry breaking. His numerical work relies on Monte Carlo methods, currently implemented on the latest platforms for High Performance Computing (IBM BlueGene, and GPU systems).


Prof Del Debbio has taught a wide range of courses at the School of Physics and Astronomy, has supervised Integrated Master's projects, and has been an invited lecturer at doctoral schools. He has been the Programme Coordinator for Mathematical Physics for a number of years. He currently teaches Quantum Mechanics in Junior Honours. More details can be found on his website.

ID: 28164