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  1. Data and code for: High fidelity fibre-based physiological sensing deep in tissue

    Tanner, M. G. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 13 May 2019, 10.7488/ds/2546


  2. Data associated with manuscript: A tripod anchor offers improved robustness of peptide-based electrochemical biosensors

    Staderini, M. (Creator), González-Fernández, E. (Creator), Murray, A. (Creator), Mount, A. (Creator), Bradley, M. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 25 Jul 2018, 10.7488/ds/2392


  3. Data associated with manuscript: Electrochemical sensing of human neutrophil elastase and polymorphonuclear neutrophil activity

    González-Fernández, E. (Creator), Scholefield, E. (Creator), Murray, A. (Creator), Mount, A. (Creator), Bradley, M. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 10 Aug 2018, 10.7488/ds/2409


  4. Data associated with manuscript: Miniaturisation of a peptide-based electrochemical protease activity sensor using platinum microelectrodes

    Ucar, A. (Creator), González-Fernández, E. (Creator), Staderini, M. (Creator), Avlonitis, N. (Creator), Murray, A. (Creator), Bradley, M. (Creator), Mount, A. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 6 Dec 2019, 10.7488/ds/2720


  5. Data for "Controlled core-to-core photo-polymerisation – fabrication of an optical fibre-based pH sensor"

    Mohamad, M. (Creator), Tanner, M. G. (Creator), Choudhury, D. (Creator), Choudhary, T. (Creator), Wood, H. A. C. (Creator), Harrington, K. (Creator), Bradley, M. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 22 Aug 2017, 10.7488/ds/2118


  6. Datasets for Low-Cost High Sensitivity Pulsed Endomicroscopy to Visualize Tri-Color Optical Signatures

    Mills, B. (Creator), Murray, I. (Creator), Marshall, A. (Creator), Craven, T. (Creator), Emanuel, P. (Creator), Choudhary, T. (Creator), Norberg, D. (Creator), Scholefield, E. (Creator), Akram, A. (Creator), Davie, A. (Creator), Hirani, N. (Creator), Bruce, A. (Creator), Moore, A. (Creator), Bradley, M. (Creator), Dhaliwal, K. (Creator), Krstajic, N. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 1 Jul 2018, 10.7488/ds/2355


  7. Electrodrugs: An electrochemical prodrug activation strategy

    Norman, D. (Creator), González-Fernández, E. (Creator), Clavadetscher, J. (Creator), Tucker, L. (Creator), Staderini, M. (Creator), Mount, A. (Creator), Murray, A. (Creator), Bradley, M. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 27 Jul 2018, 10.7488/ds/2395


  8. Software and data for endoscopic sensing of alveolar pH

    Choudhury, D. (Creator), Tanner, M. G. (Creator), Mills, B. (Creator), Choudhary, T. (Creator), Seth, S. (Creator), Craven, T. (Creator), Mati, I. K. (Creator), Campbell, C. (Creator), Bradley, M. (Creator), Williams, C. (Creator), Dhaliwal, K. (Creator), Thomson, R. (Creator), Birks, T. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 9 Dec 2016, 10.7488/ds/1583


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