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Mark Wilkinson

Senior Lecturer

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Research Interests

Geological CO2 storage

  • Natural analogues, what will happen to CO2 when it is injected into a rock? - with PhD students Yutong Shu and Claire McGraw
  • Safe disposal of water produced during storage operations - with PhD student Kit Carruthers Understanding the 'shallow' overburden in the North Sea - UKCCSC-funded grant, with Dr Juan Alcalde
  • What to do if a leak develops (which it probably won't) - EU-funded MIRECOL project, with researcher Katriona Edlmann

Diagenesis, or what happens to sediments as they are buried and turn into rocks. In practice I study reservoirs, for oil / gas, CO2 storage, or water supply

  • Why does the Torridonian Sandstone (NW Highlands) have so much feldspar? Most other deeply buried rocks loose the feldspar, but this one has not.
  • Do sandstones and shales interact during burial? In other words, do solutes (e.g. K, Al, Si) move from sands into shales or vice-versa? With PhD student Felix Xia
  • White trap is an unusual alteration product of basic magmas when they are intruded into the local Carboniferous rocks. Why does this happen?

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) - can we save energy from renewables for peak demand times? With PhD student Julien Mouli Castillo.

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