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Mary Hanson

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Dr Mary Hanson is a Consultant Microbiologist within NHS Lothian and the Director of the Scottish E coli O157/STEC Reference Laboratory.


E coli O157 (verocytotoxigenic E coli) infection: E coli O157 and other verocytotoxin producing E coli cause bloody diarrhoea which may result in Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome. New laboratory technologies including whole genome sequencing have the potential to optimize timely clinical management of cases, and also infection control and public health interventions to reduce transmission and prevent outbreaks.


Research on bloodstream infection with Candida sp (candidaemia): Candidaemia is predominantly a healthcare associated infection and the incidence is high in Scotland compared with reported incidence rates in England and Wales. Attributable mortality is also high (>30%) and the infection occurs in a wide spectrum of patient groups. Our research provides valuable information on the epidemiology and risk factors for candidaemia in patients with a variety of debilitating conditions, and supports the development of clinical strategies for prevention and treatment of these serious infections.


ID: 22285472