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2006 Bachelors of Engineering (BEng Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, University of Malta

2010 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mechanical Engineering, University of Strathclyde


I obtained a first class BEng (Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Malta (2002-2006), followed by a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde (2006-2010) with a scholarship from the James Weir Foundation. My PhD investigated fluid flows at the nanoscale. In 2009 I developed a Molecular Dynamics (MD) software called mdFOAM within the third-party open-source software OpenFOAM, which I currently still lead. In my PhD I developed MD flow controller tools in arbitrary complex geometries for applying continuum-molecular boundary conditions, and which were then integrated within concurrent CFD-MD hybrid simulations that offer computational cheaper solutions with molecular-level accuracy. From 2009-2011 I worked as a postdoctoral Research Associate at Strathclyde investigating water flow through carbon-nanotube membranes for seawater purification. 

In 2011 I became a Research Fellow and Lead Senior Researcher on an EPSRC Programme Grant (£2.4M; EP/I011927/1) entitled “Non-equilibrium Fluid Dynamics for Micro/Nano Engineering Systems”. This was a collaborative 5-year programme between Edinburgh/Strathclyde University (PI: Prof Jason Reese), Warwick University (Prof Duncan Lockerby), Daresbury Laboratory (Prof Dave Emerson) and a number of industrial partners. During this period I developed an arsenal of hybrid continuum-molecular methods for solving various engineering problems computationally-efficiently in both nano liquid and micro rarefied gas flows. 

In 2015 I became Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh and I currently lead the development of the hybrid multiscale fluid modelling and engineering applications.

Visiting and Research Positions

2012   Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malta

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