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Michael Stringer

Research Fellow in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Analysis

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Originally from a mathematics background (BSc (Hons) Glasgow, MSc Heriot-Watt) I completed a PhD in medical imaging at the University of Aberdeen in 2016. Thereafter I joined Professor Wardlaw's group at the University of Ediburgh where I am involved with various studies on small vessel disease as well as with with the applications of new sequences and imaging capabilities.

Current Research Interests

My current research primarily revolves around the application of advanced MR imaging techniques to better understand the mechanisms behind small vessel disease. A particular focus of my recent work has been the analysis of cerebrovascular reactivity and phase contrast data from recent studies, including the LACI-1 (LACunar stroke Intervention 1) trial. We are currently working to acquire further imaging data in small vessel disease cohorts, including high resolution DTI, DCE and MR spectroscopy data. I am involved with a number of studies, in particular through the collaborative SVDs@Target and Leducq Transatlantic Network on understanding the role of the perivascular space in cerebral small vessel disease. 

ID: 28448287