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Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Science, Basque Country University (UPV-EHU)
An “ab-initio” Study on Superconductivity in the Light Group IVa Hydrides and Melting of the Alkali Metals
Master of Physics, Basque Country University (UPV-EHU)

Research Interests

My research has been centered around First-Principles calculations in Condensed Matter Physics. More concretely, the systems I've studied can mostly be classified as crystalline solids. In that still large area, my pubblications have dealt with the following topics:

  • Electronic and structural properties of Group IV metallic Hydrides
  • Structure prediction by means of random structure sampling.
  • Prediction of stable and metastable stoichiometries of compounds and alloys.
  • Materials science at pressures beyond 1 TPa.


ID: 9906857