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Prof Neil Robertson

Personal Chair of Molecular Materials

Phone: 01316504755

Willingness to take PhD students: Yes

Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Edinburgh
Fluoroacyl Compounds of Iridium
Bachelor of Science, University of Edinburgh

Professional Qualifications

Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Chartered Chemist, MRSC, C. Chem

My research in a nutshell

Molecular electronic materials for solar cells, transistors and optical materials

Administrative Roles

Director of Internationalisation, School of Chemistry

Associate Editor, Journal of Materials Chemistry C


Current Research Interests

Our research involves molecule-based materials with conducting, magnetic and optical properties. This includes preparation of electronically-delocalised molecules with properties such as reversible redox processes, intense low-energy absorptions and the capability for strong intermolecular interactions. These are then used to prepare functional electronic materials. Such materials and devices have the potential to be more cheaply fabricated in comparison with conventional semiconductor technology and as such are set for widespread application in areas such as displays, transistors and solar cells. The molecules we synthesise include both transition metal complexes and extended-aromatic organic molecules. We use these molecules to prepare conducting materials, magnetic materials and solar cells and characterise these by measuring properties such as magnetic susceptibility, conductivity, charge mobility and light-to-electricity conversion efficiency of solar cells. We work with a range of UK and international collaborators in universities and industry for more specialist characterisation of our devices.

Visiting and Research Positions

Visiting Professor, Nagoya University 2008

Visiting Professor, Cagliari University 2008, 2012



BSc (1988), PhD (1992), University of Edinburgh

Royal Society European Exchange Fellowship, Freie Universitat Berlin (1992-3)

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Wales, Bangor (1993-6)

BP/RSE Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh (1996-9)

Lecturer, Imperial College London (2000)

Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, University of Edinburgh (2001-)



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