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Prof Paul Digard

Chair of Virology

Newspaper articles


Rebirth for killer of 40 million.  The Scotsman, p15; 23/10/00.

Can we learn from Spanish Flu? The Guernsey Evening Press, p26-27; 17/11/00.

Deadly virus has hidden dangers for mankind.  The Guernsey Press, p25, 9/3/01.  (With J. Greatorex).

Germ warfare: the true, grim facts. The Guernsey Press, p25, 19/10/01.  (With J. Greatorex).

Is death waiting in the wings?. The Guernsey Press, p20-21, 4/2/04.

Bird flu - what are the dangers?  The Guernsey Press, 7/11/05

Only time will tell whether swine flu is next pandemic.  The Guernsey Press, 28/4/09


Media Appearances


I have given interviews on the subject of influenza on Radio 4, Radio 5, BBC World Service, The Naked Scientist Radio Show/Podcast as well as various BBC local radio stations.  I have also provided BBC News with background briefings on the subject of avian and swine influenza.


Public lectures/events


Jan 2006    Cambridge University Scientific Society, Cambridge.

Nov 2012  Our Changing World series, University of Edinburgh (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZlkW5PxIog)

October 2013 Science in the saddle, Midlothian Science Festival.

April 2014. The virus hunters. Edinburgh Science Festival.