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Paul Skehel

Senior Lecturer

My research in a nutshell

The general interest of my laboratory is the cellular and molecular biology of the nervous system.  Our principle work focuses on degeneration of the motor system.  Previously we identified a gene mutation responsible for a rare form of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  Using in vitro model systems and genetically modified animals we and our collaborators are exploiting this, and other genetic information to study more generally the processes of neurodegeneration. We also contribute to experiments on synaptic physiology, with particular focus on plasticity, intellectual disability and epilepsy.



I contribute lectures and tutorials for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year course.  I’m course organizer for two 3rd year courses, Pharmacology 3 and Applied Pharmacology 3, for which I also run practical laboratory classes.

Year 2

Biomedical Sciences 2

Year 3

Applied Pharmacology 3

Mechanisms of Brain Development 3

Neuroscience 3

Pharmacology 3

Year 4

Honours core programmes

Honours Neuroscience

Honours Pharmacology

Honours electives

Making Sense of Disease Pathways

Synaptic Function and Plasticity in Health and Disease

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