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Dr Perdita Barran

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Willingness to take PhD students: Yes

My research in a nutshell

We are primarily interested in probing the conformations of peptides, proteins and protein complexes and how these alter in response to environmental stimuli and in the presence of binding partners


Perdita E. Barran is currently a Reader in Biophysical Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. She graduated from Manchester University with a degree in Chemistry with Industrial Experience (1994), and from Sussex University with a PhD in Chemical Physics (1998) under the supervision of Professors Tony Stace and Sir Harry Kroto. She worked as a post-doctoral researcher for Tony Stace, before moving to the University of California Santa Barbara to work with Mike Bowers. She was awarded an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship in 2002. Following this fellowship, in 2009 she was appointed to a permanent post at the University of Edinburgh as a Senior Lecturer 2009-2012 and now as a Reader.

Current Research Interests

Principally concerned with studying isolated molecules using mass spectrometry.

Dr. Barran develops mass spectrometry based methods and instruments that allow us to interrogate conformation, conformational change and aggregation. We also probe structures in the absence of solution allowing us to determine intrinsic interations.

Our principal areas of interest are in the use of mass spectrometry for theraputic development, for understanding pre-fibrillar aggregation, to probe intrinsically disordered proteins and specifically how to tame disorder, in probing the stability of protein complexes and of model peptide systems.

Methods that allow us to preserve non-colvalent protein complexes are also applied to inorganic supramolecular biomimetic systems. We also generate IM-MS data from standard small molecules and proteins that can be used to calibrate TW IM-MS instrumentation.


ID: 10231419