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Peter Boyle

Personal Chair in Computational Quantum Field Theory

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Phone: +44 (0)131 650 6573


Research Interests

Low energy Quantum Chromodynamics using computer  simulation, and particularly matrix elements of hadrons that are required to constrain fundamental parameters of the standard model and search for physics beyond the standard model. I believe my publications represent the best constraints on Vus and Bwhich enter the famous unitarity triangle.

Subtopics: Kaon matrix elements - BK, Kl3 , K->pi pi. Non-perturbative renormalisation of Lattice operators. Chiral lagrangian. Hadron spectrum and decay constants. Electromagnetic effects. 

I am a member of the RBC-UKQCD collaboration, and collaborate with Columbia University, Southampton, Brookhaven National Laboratory, RIKEN Brookhaven Research Center, University of Virginia, University of Connecticut. 


I currently teach:

  • Standard Model 5th year integrated masters
  • PDE's component of Fourier analysis and Statistics 3H

I have previously taught:

  • Physical Mathematics 3H
  • Computational Methods 3H

Administrative Roles

Chair of STFC DiRAC Facility Technical Working Group

Member of STFC DiRAC Facility Project Management Board


PhD Theoretical Particle Physics,

BSc Mathematics and Physics Combined Honours


Collaborative Activity

I worked under collaboration with IBM Research from 2007 until 2012 to design the level-1 prefetch engine on

the IBM BlueGene/Q compute chip.


ID: 23480