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Dr Peter Fernandes

ECAT Clinical Lecturer

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I qualified from the University of Oxford Medical School in 2008 and then came to Edinburgh to start post-graduate training. I am currently employed as a Clinical Lecturer in Neurology, with funding from the Wellcome Trust through the ECAT scheme.

My research interests include brain metabolism, which is particularly unusual, being mainly glucose-dependent and involving aerobic glycolysis. Abnormalities in cerebral metabolism are found in a wide range of neurological conditions, including epilepsy, brain tumours, and dementia. My PhD research focused on phosphofructokinase, a key metabolic regulatory enzyme. During my PhD I explored how the three isoforms of humanphosphofructokinase differ in structure, function, regulation, and distribution; and how these change in healthy ageing and in neuro-degenerative diseases.

I am also a specialist registrar in Neurology in Edinburgh; my clinical interests include neuro-inflammatory disease and neuro-oncology. I work alongside Dr David Hunt in the Anne Rowling Neuro-Inflammation Clinic.

ID: 17216710