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Dr Prashant Valluri

Senior Lecturer

  1. EPSRC-ARCHER eCSE: TPLS: Optimised Parallel I/O and Visualisation

    Valluri, P., Bethune, I., Collis, T. & Naraigh, L. O.


    Project: Awarded Facility Time

  2. RECAP - Reduced Elevation CO2 Absorber Programme

    Valluri, P., Gibbins, J. & Lucquiaud, M.

    UK industry, commerce and public corporations


    Project: Research

  3. Performance enhancement and optimization of the TPLS and DIM two-phase flow solvers

    Valluri, P., Ó Náraigh, L., Spelt, P. D. M. & Bethune, I.


    Project: Awarded Facility Time

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