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Robert McIntosh

Personal Chair of Experimental Neuropsychology

Phone: 0131 650 3444


One major strategy is to study people that have developed deficits in these abilities following brain damage. I also have a long-standing interest in unilateral neglect and its rehabilitation. These neuropsychological investigations are complemented by research into the control of simple goal-directed actions in neurologically normal people.

Research Interests

Visual perception, visual attention and visually-guided action in brain-damaged and healthy humans. Rehabilitation of visual disorders and motor function following brain damage. Constructional abilities in development, dementia and brain damage. Voluntary and involuntary mirror-writing in children and adults. Efficacy of coloured filters to treat reading problems in school-age children.

Research Groups




y1 lectures in Perception: 2007-2009; 2010-2016; 2018-

y1 lectures in Biological Bases of Behaviour: 2007-2008

y1 lectures in Human Cognitive Neuroscience: 2005-2007


y3-4 course - Perception, Action, Cognition: 2018-

y3 course in Perception: 2014-2016

y3 lectures in Methodology 2: 2005-2009; 2010-2016


y4 course Neuropsychology of Perception & Action: 2006-2013


MSc course Neuropsychology of Perception & Action: 2006-2013

MSc lectures in Psychological Research Skills: 2011-2016

MSc lectures in Specialist Techniques in Psychological Research: 2012-2014

MSc lectures in Working with Specialist Psychology Data: 2011-12

MSc lectures in Advanced Statistics: 2006-2008


Postgraduate guest lectures in Medicine & Neurosciences

Postgraduate guest lectures in Clinical Psychology: 2008-2016



y4 tutorials: 2005-2016; 2018-



y3 Literature Review: 2005-2013

y3 Group Project: 2006-2009; 2011-2012


y4 research dissertations: 2005-2009; 2010-2013


MSc research dissertations: 2005-2016; 2017-


PhD supervision: 2006-

Administrative Roles

Programme Director MSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology (2007-2008; 2018-)

Head of Psychology (2013-2016)

EEG/ERP and Eyetracking Committee (2010-2013)

Convenor of Cognitive Neuroscience Committee (2010-2013)

Programme Director MSc Psychological Research (2009-2013)

PhD Progress Review Board for HNC (2009-2013)

Careers Liaison Coordinator (2008-2013)

PPLS Postgraduate Committee (2007-2013)

Director of Studies (2005-2013)

Psychology Space Committee (2010-2012)

Psychology Research Committee (2007-2011)

Psychology Colloquim Committee (2008-2010)

Health & Safety Officer (2007-2011)

PPLS Ethics Committee (2005-2011)



BSc. Psychology and Neuroscience (2i), University of Manchester, December 1993
PhD. Neuropsychology, Glasgow Caledonian University, August 1999


Research outputs

  1. Power calculations in single-case neuropsychology: A practical primer

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  2. Attention attracts action in healthy participants: An insight into optic ataxia?

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  3. The size-weight illusion in visual form agnosic patient DF

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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Research activities & awards

  1. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance (Journal)

    Activity: Publication peer-review and editorial work typesEditorial activity

  2. Online control of action in normal and damaged brains

    Activity: Academic talk or presentation typesInvited talk

  3. Cortex (Journal)

    Activity: Publication peer-review and editorial work typesEditorial activity

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