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Prof Ross Sanders

(Former employee or visitor)


  • Diploma in Teaching (Wollongong CAE, 1976)
  • Diploma in Health and Phys.Ed (Wollongong Inst.of Ed, 1981)
  • Bachelor of Education (Newcastle CAE, 1984)
  • Masters Qualifying (University of Queensland, 1985)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (University of Queensland, 1991)

As a physical education teacher in NSW, Australia from 1977 to 1984 I became very interested in applied sports science, in particular, biomechanics and motor control. In 1984 I began teaching in the tertiary system, completing a PhD though the University of Queensland in 1991 overlapping with ten years as a lecturer and researcher at The University of Otago. Prior to accepting a chair at The University of Edinburgh in January 2000 I was a senior lecturer at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia (1996-2000).

Having founded the Centre for Aquatics Research and Education (CARE) in 2001 I now lead a research team comprising current and graduated PhD students including Dr Carla McCabe, Dr Stelios Psycharakis (Napier University), Chris Connaboy (final year PhD student), and Georgios Machtsiras (PhD student).

The Sports Science team and I welcome enquiries from PhD students and researchers who have strong academic credentials and share a passion for applying science to sport, human performance, and rehabilitation in the Sports Science research programme at The University of Edinburgh.

Current Research Interests

  • Development of rhythm and skill in movement
  • Analysis of aquatic locomotion from the perspectives of skill learning, elite performance, and rehabilitation/exercise
  • Hydrotherapy and aquatic exercise
  • Anthropometry: Applications of the elliptical zone method of quantifying the physical properties of body segments

Research Supervision

PhD Supervision at The University of Edinburgh:

  • Gavin Moir: Biomechanics/Motor control. Athletic Sprinting. Completed 2004

  • Shuping Li: Motor Control/Biomechanics. Fin Swimming. Completed July 2006

  • Stelios Psycharakis: Biomechanics. Front crawl swimming. Completed October, 2006

  • Roozbeh Naemi: Biomechanics. Front crawl swimming. Completed October, 2006

  • Stewart Cotteril: Motor Control/Psychology: Pre-performance routines in golf. Completed May 2007

  • Carla McCabe: Biomechanics/Motor Control. Sprint and distance swimming. Completed July 2008

  • Chris Connaboy: Motor Control/Biomechanics. Undulating swimming. In progress

  • Georgios Machtsiras: Fluid Dynamics /Biomechanics. CFD analysis of drag in swimming. In progress

  • Thomas Ridgeway: Anthropometry /Biomechanics: Pending

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