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Education/Academic qualification

Master of Science, University of Edinburgh
Education Policy and Practice
Master of Science, University of Edinburgh
Applied Linguistics: "A literary stylistics analysis of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie"
Master of Arts, University of Glasgow

Professional Qualifications

RSA/Cambridge Dip TEFLA
PGCE Secondary English


My teaching career started with a PGCE qualification from Jordanhill College, Glasgow, in English literature and language. I then taught in secondary schools in Scotland for three years before moving to Peru and developing an interest in foreign and second language teaching and learning. I gained a position as Head of department in the English section of a primary and secondary school in Lima. I worked in contact with other British and American schools in Lima, and also with the British Council, and was involved in a joint schools project to develop common assessments for English language.

I returned to Scotland in 1994 and completed my Master's degree in Applied Linguistics, with my dissertation topic having a focus on literary stylistics. I had various English language teaching posts in Edinburgh, including the Institute for Applied Language Studies (IALS), Telford College, Jewel and Esk Valley College and Heriot-Watt University. I later left Edinburgh to work in South Korea as a university lecturer, and then returned to Edinburgh and took up various posts again. While in South Korea I was involved in writing materials and running workshops for teacher education for Primary School teachers, to support them in introducing English in early years. 

In 1998 I joined Moray House Institute of Education as Director of Studies for the English Language Centre, and was seconded to MPIK (in Kuala Lumpur) on a joint Malyasian-UK teacher training programme at the time of the merger of Moray House with the University of Edinburgh (Moray House then became the Faculty of Education, and then later changed name again to the Moray House School of Education). I returned to the UK in 1999 to continue working as a lecturer in TESOL, Digital Teaching and Learning, literature and language, teaching on both undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. I was Director of the MEd TESOL programme for a number of years.

I have always had an interest in digital technologies and while working at IALS I worked with the computing support officer in developing new systems and support for tutors and students. I was one of the founding tutors on the Master's in Digital Education programme, and I continue to offer a Master's level course in online language learning.

Current Research Interests

  • online learning - pedagogical concerns;
  • CALL: teacher education in TESOL;
  • hypertext and language/discourse.

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