Edinburgh Research Explorer

Dr Rupert Myers

(Former employee or visitor)

  1. Data Driven Innovation of Sustainable Infrastructure Materials (DDISIM)

    Myers, R.

    UK central government bodies/local authorities, health and hospital authorities


    Project: Research

  2. EAGER: Preparing the Yale Metal Life Cycles Database for Global Distribution

    Graedel, T. E., Reck, B. K. & Myers, R.


    Project: Project from a former institution

  3. Informational Database for Sustainable and Energy Efficient Materials in sub-Saharan Africa (DEEMA)

    Huang, Y., Beckett, C., Chai, H. K., Myers, R., Reynolds, T., Roy, D., Chong, Y., Olweny, M. R. O., D'Amico, B., Pomponi, F. & Wojtowitz, G.

    UK-based charities


    Project: Research