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Shasta Marrero

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My research interests as a geologist/hydrologist include cosmogenic nuclides in all shapes and sizes and applied to various topics. My current project uses 10Be, 26Al, 14C, and 36Cl to determine the ice-elevation history of the West Antarctic ice sheet over the last ~1 million years, as recorded in the Ellsworth Mountains. Other projects include glacial history of the Tian Shan, Kyrgyzstan; shoreline ages in CA; age of meteor crater, AZ; 36Cl erosion rates in Antarctica; and eruptive history of Mt. Erebus, Antarctica.

I run the 36Cl lab at Edinburgh and I’m always interested in new collaborations, especially those involving 36Cl. I was involved with 36Cl calibration as part of the CRONUS-Earth Project. I enjoy finding ways to improve the fundamentals of processing and interpretation for 36Cl. I originally helped design, implement, and now maintain the CRONUScalc online calculator for cosmogenic nuclide interpretation for 10Be, 26Al, 14C, 3He, and 36Cl. http://web1.ittc.ku.edu:8888/

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