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Willingness to take Ph.D. students: Yes

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Edinburgh
Climate-induced changes in carbon and nitrogen cycling in the rapidly warming Antarctic coastal ocean
Bachelor of Science, University of Edinburgh

Area of Expertise

Research expertiseMarine biogeochemistry, Isotope geochemistry, Oceanography, Global change science, Quaternary paleoceanography, Public engagement, education and outreach


I am a Lecturer in Marine Science with strong research interests in polar ocean biogeochemistry and marine ecosystem change in both the Arctic and the Antarctic.

I am an investigator on two projects as part of the UK NERC Changing Arctic Ocean program, which aims to characterise and quantify the changes in marine biological productivity and biogeochemical cycling occurring in response to rapid warming and sea ice losses in the Arctic region.

  • Arctic PRIZE (PRoductivity in the seasonal Ice ZonE) is a multidisciplinary international project examining the effect of sea ice changes in the Arctic Ocean on ocean physics and nutrient dynamics and consequently on biological productivity and ecosystem functioning.

  • The Changing Arctic Ocean Seafloor (ChAOS) is a multidisciplinary project to elucidate the impacts of declining sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean on the biological communities and nutrient cycling in seafloor ecosystems, and the implications for carbon sequestration and burial.

I also have research projects underway at the west Antarctic Peninsula examining carbon and nutrient dynamics and ecosystem change in response to large variability and change in sea ice cover. My NERC Independent Research Fellowship examined the marine nitrogen cycle in this region, its coupling with the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and other nutrients, and the interactions between ocean biogeochemistry, ecosystem functioning and climate change.

If you would like more information on any of my research, teaching or other activities, please see my homepage.


Research Interests

Marine biogeochemistry, with a particular emphasis on carbon and nitrogen dynamics, stable and radiocarbon isotope geochemistry

Polar oceanography and climate-ice-ocean-ecosystem interactions

Quaternary paleoceanography, proxy development and evaluation

Research Groups

Global Change Research Institute

Oceans and Climate Research Group

Research activities & awards

  1. Icy worlds and the challenges of climate change: meet the scientists

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  2. Guest blog: Ready for Antarctic trip number five!

    Activity: Other activity typesTypes of Public engagement and outreach - Media article or participation

  3. Shaping Environmental Science: Inspiring the New Generation of Women in Science workshop

    Activity: Other activity typesTypes of Public engagement and outreach - Public lecture/debate/seminar

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