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Stephanie Flude

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Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Science, University of Manchester
Rhyolite volcanism in Iceland: timing and timescales of eruption
Bachelor of Science, Durham University

Current Research Interests

CO2 captured from UK power plants is most likely to be stored in large saline-rich geological formations with a single formation hosting captured CO2 from numerous power plant operators. In the event of a CO2 leak, being able to identify the owner of the CO2 is of vital importance in terms of liability and remediation. I will collect captured CO2 from a number of different capture plants and assess whether the natural isotopic composition (C, O and noble gas isotopes) of captured CO2 is sufficient to distinguish CO2 captured using different technologies and from different fuel sources, and whether these isotopic signatures are preserved during injection and migration of CO2 through a saline aquifer.

Research Interests

CO2 capture and storage, noble gas and stable isotope geochemistry, 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, volcanology, rock and mineral microtextures, micro-XRF



ID: 15145032