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Stuart Haszeldine

Professor of Carbon Capture and Storage

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Phone: 0131 650 8549Mobile: 07791 035 320

Current Research Interests

 CCS, Carbon dioxide CO2 storage in secure geological sites. Fracking. Geoengineering. Climate Engineering : hydrocarbon fields, aquifers and coal, and geological sequestration. Shale gas and shale oil.  CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery. CDR carbon removal for geo-engineering and climate intervention. Establishing a new industry in Carbon Capture and Storage, in the UK, EU and worldwide. Radioactive waste disposal, Low, Intermediate and High level, spent fuel. Energy sources and policy in the UK and EU. Modelling of sedimentary basins. Porosity permeability of oil and gas reservoirs, diagenesis of sediments. Abatement, mitigation and adapting to climate change, biochar, black carbon, soil charcoal. Geology, geochemistry and basin modelling relating to site selection and performance safety for disposal of radioactive and toxic wastes in the UK and worldwide deep below ground in porous and fractured aquifers.

My research in a nutshell

In this video Stuart describes how industrial society burns fossil carbon for energy and transport, how excess CO2 emissions damage climate and ocean, and how geologists inject liquid CO2 through boreholes into porous reservoirs 1-3km below ground, managing this safely for millennia.


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