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Susan Davies

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Education/Academic qualification

Master of Science, University of Oxford
Environmental Change & management
Bachelor of Arts, University of Cambridge
Social & Political Science

Research Interests

As a NERC-sponsored Knowledge Exchange Fellow she works to promote, adapt and translate the work of academics working on natural disturbance risks to forests to forest sector end-users including insurers, investors and forest carbon/timber stakeholders. Project partners include the Forestry Commission, Forest Research, CONFOR, DEFRA, FERA, ForestRe, WillisRe and the Woodland Trust. Natural disturbances include pest and diseases, drought, wind and fire. As part of her work she has built a network of over 700 contacts in the global forest sector. She works on these issues as a full-time member of staff but is also completing a related PhD part-time looking at issues in determining how much carbon to set aside against future losses for forest carbon projects.


Prior to becoming an academic, Susan spent 12 years in the City including 7 years in risk management in banking. She completed a Masters at Oxford in Environmental Change & Management including a special option on forestry. She now focuses on applying her risk expertise to the challenges of assessing natural disturbance risk to forests, from disturbances such as wind, fire, drought and pest and diseases, in a form that is of use to the finance sector including investors, insurers and carbon standards.

ID: 235123