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Tom Challands

Researcher in Palaeozoic Fish and Tetrapod Sensory Systems

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Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Science, Durham University
Geosphere and Biosphere dynamics during late Ordovician climate change
Master of Science, University of Bristol
Geochemical taphonmy of Lower Jurassic fissure fills from South Wales, UK.
Bachelor of Science, University of Edinburgh

Area of Expertise

Research expertisePalaeoneurology, Palaeontology, Sedimentology, Evolution of fish-tetrapods

Research Interests

My research interests concern evolution of the Dipnoi (lungfish), in particular, the evolution of sensory functions in this group and closely related organisms. I use microCT scanning techniques to probe the brain cavity and nerve and blood vessel canals in fossilised fish skulls which can then be used to test hypotheses of relationships between organisms during the vertebrate transition from water to land. This information also reveals exciting new data that can be used to gauge the evolution of senses (sight, smell, hearing) during this important period of vertebrate evolution.



ID: 8241249