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  1. 2015
  2. Third Report on Chicken Genes and Chromosomes 2015

    Schmid, M., Smith, J., Burt, D. W., Aken, B. L., Antin, P. B., Archibald, A. L., Ashwell, C., Blackshear, P. J., Boschiero, C., Brown, C. T., Burgess, S. C., Cheng, H. H., Chow, W., Coble, D. J., Cooksey, A., Crooijmans, R. P. M. A., Damas, J., Davis, R. V. N., De Koning, D., Delany, M. E. & 84 others, Derrien, T., Desta, T. T., Dunn, I. C., Dunn, M., Ellegren, H., Eory, L., Erb, I., Farre, M., Fasold, M., Fleming, D., Flicek, P., Fowler, K. E., Fresard, L., Froman, D. P., Garceau, V., Gardner, P. P., Gheyas, A. A., Griffin, D. K., Groenen, M. A. M., Haaf, T., Hanotte, O., Hart, A., Hasler, J., Hedges, S. B., Hertel, J., Howe, K., Hubbard, A., Hume, D. A., Kaiser, P., Kedra, D., Kemp, S., Klopp, C., Kniel, K. E., Kuo, R., Lagarrigue, S., Lamont, S. J., Larkin, D. M., Lawal, R. A., Markland, S. M., Mccarthy, F., Mccormack, H. A., Mcpherson, M. C., Motegi, A., Muljo, S. A., Munsterberg, A., Nag, R., Nanda, I., Neuberger, M., Nitsche, A., Notredame, C., Noyes, H., O''connor, R., O''hare, E. A., Oler, A. J., Ommeh, S. C., Pais, H., Persia, M., Pitel, F., Preeyanon, L., Prieto Barja, P., Pritchett, E. M., Rhoads, D. D., Robinson, C. M., Romanov, M. N., Rothschild, M., Roux, P., Schmidt, C. J., Schneider, A., Schwartz, M., Searle, S. M., Skinner, M. A., Smith, C. A., Stadler, P. F., Steeves, T. E., Steinlein, C., Sun, L., Takata, M., Ulitsky, I., Wang, Q., Wang, Y., Warren, W. C., Wood, J. M. D., Wragg, D. & Zhou, H., Aug 2015, In : Cytogenetic and Genome Research. 145, 2, p. 78-179

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  3. 2014
  4. 2013
  5. Histone deacetylase 7 promotes Toll-like Receptor 4-dependent pro-inflammatory gene expression in macrophages

    Shakespear, M. R., Hohenhaus, D. M., Kelly, G. M., Kamal, N. A., Gupta, P., Labzin, L. I., Schroder, K., Garceau, V., Barbero, S., Iyer, A., Hume, D. A., Reid, R. C., Irvine, K. M., Fairlie, D. P. & Sweet, M. J., 12 Jul 2013, In : Journal of Biological Chemistry. 288, 35, p. 25362-25374

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  6. 2012
  7. Cross species reactivity of Interleukin 34 (IL-34)

    Gow, D. J., Garceau, V., Sester, D. & Hume, D. A., Sep 2012, In : Immunology . 137, Suppt. S1, p. 265-265 1 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalMeeting abstract

  8. The production of porcine anti-CSF-1R antibodies: reagents to evaluate the effects of CSF-1 on postnatal growth

    Gow, D. J., Garceau, V., Moffat, L., Kapetanovic, R., Sester, D. & Hume, D. A., Sep 2012, In : Immunology . 137, Suppt. S1, p. 653-653 1 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalMeeting abstract

  9. 2011
  10. Macrophage Activation and Differentiation Signals Regulate Schlafen-4 Gene Expression: Evidence for Schlafen-4 as a Modulator of Myelopoiesis: evidence for Schlafen-4 as a modulator of myelopoiesis

    van Zuylen, W. J., Garceau, V., Idris, A., Schroder, K., Irvine, K. M., Lattin, J. E., Ovchinnikov, D. A., Perkins, A. C., Cook, A. D., Hamilton, J. A., Hertzog, P. J., Stacey, K. J., Kellie, S., Hume, D. A. & Sweet, M. J., 7 Jan 2011, In : PLoS ONE. 6, 1, p. - 13 p., e15723.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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