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Mr. Vladimir Ivan

Research Associate

Research Interests

Topology based motion synthesis and planning problem.


2015, PhD, Motion synthesis in topology-based representations, University of Edinburgh.

2010, MSc, Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh.

2009, BSc, AI and Robotics, University of Bedfordshire.


I have joined IPAB as a PhD student in 2010. I earned my BSc in Computer Science and Robotics at the University of Bedfordshire in 2009 and my MSc in Artificial Intelligence at University of Edinburgh in 2010.

I am currently working on topology based motion synthesis and planning problem sponsored fixed based, mobile and humanoid robots. I am also in charge of the resources and infrastructure which are part of Robotarium East.

I was born in Slovakia (technically it was Czechoslovakia at the time) where I spent my early years. I decided to wander off to the Wild West and started studying robotics after doing an internship in Holzer G.m.b.H. where I learned about industrial automation. After finishing my undergraduate studies in Luton, England, I decided to get further postgraduate training in Edinburgh, Scotland.

ID: 21896037