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Yann Salmon

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My general research interests are plants ecological responses to their environment and their consequences for carbon and water dynamics in ecosystems. I am particularly interested in understanding ecophysiological processes involved in tree response to biotic and abiotic stresses and how they translate in plants carbon and water budget. I am currently studying physiological processes involved in drought-induced mortality in trees and I’m aiming at understanding how declining/dying trees differed from surviving one in terms of processes regulating carbon resources (C-starvation hypothesis), water transport (Hydraulic failure hypothesis) and their interactions, such as phloem transport limitation and osmotic regulation. My research focuses particularly on Mediterranean and European dry-temperate forests. In earlier projects, I have been working with stable isotopes to study carbon and t water dynamic through plant grown in controlled conditions or in forest, and on the effect of biodiversity and drought on carbon dynamic in subtropical Chinese forest using isotopic and ecophysiological methods.

ID: 234923