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Role of UBR5 in Skeletal Homeostasis: Osteoarthritis, Heterotopic Ossification and Chondrocyte Hypertrophy

Project: MVM - (non-funded) undergraduate research project


Our novel conditional UBR5 mutant mouse has revealed a novel role in skeltal tissue homeostasis (bone, tendon and articular cartilage). Based upon our molecular analysis, we hypothesise that UBR5 influences tissue stem/progenitor cell function through regulating the activity of the Hedgehog ann Wnt signal transduction. In collaboration with Profs Robert Ralston and Salter (IGMM CGEM) aim to use a combination of mouse genetics, primary cell culture, transcriptomics and proteomics to address our hypothesis.

Key findings

UBR5 suppress osteoarthritis; heterotopic tendon ossification; growth plate chondrocyte hypertrophy.