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SAILING FLUIDS: An EU - New Zealand research collaboration to develop synergies and make cutting-edge breakthroughs in yacht engineering

Project: Funded ProjectResearch

Total award£21,000.00
Funding organisationEU government bodies
Funder project reference318924 sailingfluids
Project websitehttp://www.sailingfluids.org


The present exchange program aims at strengthening a research partnership through staff exchanges and networking activities between three European research organisations and a research organisation in New Zealand. The experienced senior researchers involved in the present proposal are members of research groups in the area of Yacht Engineering. These research groups are:

1. The Institute for Energy Systems (UEDIN)
2. The Marine Design, Production and Operations Group (UNEW)
3. The Yacht Research Unit (UOA)
4. The Fluid Mechanics and Energy Research Group (ECONAV)