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The impact of language learning in early dementia on well-being, confidence, and cognitive functions in patients and on the satisfaction and empowerment of the carers

Project: University Awarded Project Funding


JEA056 - Awarded - £13,805

Layman's description

Inspired by public demand, our project extends the current business model of Lingo Flamingo (LF), a social enterprise offering language classes to dementia patients in nursing homes, to encompass two new target groups: patients still living at home, and their carers. We aim to (a) make a positive impact on patients’ wellbeing and cognitive functions, and (b) empower carers by co-creating a language-learning programme as a new method of supporting at-home patients. If successful, this approach could contribute to later nursing home admissions for patients, transform the carer experience and their relationship with patients, and offer new markets for LF.