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TRANSFER: Sailing Fluids: An EU - New Zealand Research Collaboration to Develop Synergies and Make Cutting-edge Breakthroughs in Yacht Engineering

Project: Research

AcronymSailing Fluids
Effective start/end date1/10/1330/09/16
Total award£21,000.00
Funding organisationEU government bodies
Funder project reference318924 sailingfluids


The present exchange program aims at strengthening a research partnership through staff exchanges and networking activities between three European research organisations and a research organisation in New Zealand. The experienced senior researchers involved in the present proposal are members of research groups in the area of Yacht Engineering. These research groups are:

1. The Institute for Energy Systems (UEDIN)
2. The Marine Design, Production and Operations Group (UNEW)
3. The Yacht Research Unit (UOA)
4. The Fluid Mechanics and Energy Research Group (ECONAV)

Research outputs