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A CAMHS Intensive Treatment Service: Clinical outcomes in the first year

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Original languageEnglish
JournalClinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Publication statusPublished - 2013


In 2005, the Scottish Executive recommended that young people with severe mental health difficulties should be managed in the community wherever possible. This study reports on the clinical outcomes associated with the development of a Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) Intensive Treatment Service (ITS) embedded within a Tier Four CAMHS structure. Following intervention, mean CGAS ratings significantly improved by 16 points (p<0.001) and HoNOSCA Clinical Scores significantly decreased by a mean of 6.94 points (p<0.001). This trend was replicated in self-report measures, where service users reported significant clinical improvements in mental health symptoms and indicators of quality of life. A CAMHS ITS, with close links to an adolescent inpatient unit, can provide a balanced care approach where young people with severe mental health difficulties can be treated in the community, where possible, without compromising on patient safety and quality of care.

ID: 29418585