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Angle-integrated measurements of the 26Al (d, n)27Si reaction cross section: a probe of spectroscopic factors and astrophysical resonance strengths

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  • A. Kankainen
  • F. Nunes
  • C. Langer
  • H. Schatz
  • V. Bader
  • T. Baugher
  • D. Bazin
  • B. A. Brown
  • J. Browne
  • D. T. Doherty
  • A. Estrade
  • A. Gade
  • A. Kontos
  • Z. Meisel
  • F. Montes
  • S. Noji
  • G. Perdikakis
  • J. Pereira
  • F. Recchia
  • T. Redpath
  • R. Stroberg
  • M. Scott
  • D. Seweryniak
  • J. Stevens
  • D. Weisshaar
  • K. Wimmer
  • R. Zegers

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Original languageEnglish
Article number6
JournalEuropean Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei
Issue number1
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 14 Jan 2016


Measurements of angle-integrated cross sections to discrete states in 27Si have been performed studying the 26Al (d, n) reaction in inverse kinematics by tagging states by their characteristic γ -decays using the GRETINA array. Transfer reaction theory has been applied to derive spectroscopic factors for strong single-particle states below the proton threshold, and astrophysical resonances in the 26Al (p,γ) 27Si reaction. Comparisons are made between predictions of the shell model and known characteristics of the resonances. Overall very good agreement is obtained, indicating this method can be used to make estimates of resonance strengths for key reactions currently largely unconstrained by experiment.

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ID: 23713369