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Diurnal profile of interstitial glucose following dexamethasone prophylaxis for chemotherapy treatment of gynaecological cancer

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Original languageEnglish
JournalDiabetic Medicine
Early online date25 Jun 2018
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 25 Jun 2018


AIMS: Hyperglycaemia, a side-effect of acute glucocorticoid exposure, is associated with poor outcome in those undergoing chemotherapy. The incidence, risk factors and diurnal profile of glucocorticoid-induced glucose dysregulation in the context of chemotherapy treatment remain incompletely understood.

METHODS: Blinded continuous interstitial glucose monitoring was performed on 16 women without diabetes for 24 h prior to and 5 days following carboplatin/paclitaxel chemotherapy combined with dexamethasone treatment for gynaecological cancer. At the end of the treatment period, glucose data were analysed and integrated with baseline metabolic and anthropomorphic variables.

RESULTS: Some 15/16 (94%) women exhibited elevated glucose levels (> 11.1 mmol/l). Peak glucose levels were highest on the day of treatment (median 14.45 mmol/l, range 10.2-22.2 mmol/l) and total time spent with an elevated interstitial glucose level was highly variable (median 3.6 h, range 0.0-55.1 h). Peak interstitial glucose levels occurred predominantly, but not exclusively, in the afternoon (13.00-15.00) and evening (19.00-22.00); however, elevated levels were noted throughout the 24-h period. Baseline HbA1c was independently associated with severity and duration of elevated glucose levels in a regression adjusted for baseline BMI.

CONCLUSIONS: These data report for the first time that high glucose levels are encountered by nearly all women following this regimen, the severity and duration of which are independently associated with HbA1c . Further work is required to determine if controlling glucose levels during treatment influences outcome. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

ID: 68956371