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Domain wall QCD with physical quark masses

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  • RBC
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  • T. Blum
  • N. H. Christ
  • R. J. Hudspith
  • T. Izubuchi
  • T. Janowski
  • C. Jung
  • A. Juettner
  • C. Kelly
  • C. Lehner
  • M. Marinkovic
  • R. D. Mawhinney
  • G. McGlynn
  • D. J. Murphy
  • S. Ohta
  • C. T. Sachrajda
  • A. Soni

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Original languageEnglish
JournalPhysical Review D
Publication statusPublished - 12 Apr 2016


We present results for several light hadronic quantities ($f_\pi$, $f_K$, $B_K$, $m_{ud}$, $m_s$, $t_0^{1/2}$, $w_0$) obtained from simulations of 2+1 flavor domain wall lattice QCD with large physical volumes and nearly-physical pion masses at two lattice spacings. We perform a short, O(3)%, extrapolation in pion mass to the physical values by combining our new data in a simultaneous chiral/continuum `global fit' with a number of other ensembles with heavier pion masses. We use the physical values of $m_\pi$, $m_K$ and $m_\Omega$ to determine the two quark masses and the scale - all other quantities are outputs from our simulations. We obtain results with sub-percent statistical errors and negligible chiral and finite-volume systematics for these light hadronic quantities, including: $f_\pi$ = 130.2(9) MeV; $f_K$ = 155.5(8) MeV; the average up/down quark mass and strange quark mass in the $\bar {\rm MS}$ scheme at 3 GeV, 2.997(49) and 81.64(1.17) MeV respectively; and the neutral kaon mixing parameter, $B_K$, in the RGI scheme, 0.750(15) and the $\bar{\rm MS}$ scheme at 3 GeV, 0.530(11).

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  • hep-lat

ID: 31459435