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Dynaban, an Open-Source Alternative Firmware for Dynamixel Servo-Motors

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationRoboCup International Symposium 2016
Place of PublicationLeipzig, Germany
PublisherSpringer, Cham
Number of pages9
ISBN (Electronic)978-3-319-68792-6
ISBN (Print)978-3-319-68791-9
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventRoboCup International Symposium 2016 - Leipzig, Germany
Duration: 4 Jul 20164 Jul 2016


ConferenceRoboCup International Symposium 2016
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In this paper, we present an alternative open-source firmware for the Dynamixel MX-64 servo-motor. We discuss software features to fully exploit the hardware capabilities of the device. In order to enhance the default controller, a friction model and an electric model of the motor are embedded into the firmware. The parameters of the model are found using a black-box optimization algorithm. A feed-forward method is proposed to follow position, speed and torque trajectories. The approach is tested with a highly dynamic kick movement on our humanoid soccer robot Sigmaban whose torque trajectories are computed using a classic rigid body inverse dynamics. The comparison between the default control strategy and the proposed one shows significant improvements in terms of accuracy, delay and repeatability.


RoboCup International Symposium 2016


Leipzig, Germany

Event: Conference

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