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Estimation of Genetic Variability in Natural Populations of DROSOPHILA SIMULANS by Two-Dimensional and Starch Gel Electrophoresis

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Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)127-136
Number of pages10
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1982


Genic variation in natural populations of Drosophila simulans was surveyed using allozymic and two-dimensional electrophoretic techniques. Consistent with some previous reports, allozymic heterozygosity appeared lower than in the sibling species D. melanogaster (0.07 vs. 0.16). No variation was detected by two-dimensional electrophoresis of 19 lines scored for 70 abundant proteins. This is consistent with reported reductions in estimates of genic heterozygosity by two-dimensional electrophoresis in D. melanogaster, Mus musculus, and man. Although the amount of intraspecific variation detected in abundant proteins was lower than that detected for allozymes in D. simulans and D. melanogaster, the genetic distances between the sibling species calculated from the two data sets are not significantly different (0.35 and 0.20). The allozyme and two-dimensional electrophoresis data confirmed the impression from other measures of genetic variation (mitochondrial DNA restriction maps and inversion polymorphisms) that D. simulans is substantially less variable than D. melanogaster.

ID: 1863563