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Quantifying the intra- and inter-subject variability of whole-brain structural networks from diffusion MRI

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Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - May 2012
EventISMRM 20th Annual Meeting & Exhibition - Melbourne, Australia
Duration: 5 May 201211 May 2012


ConferenceISMRM 20th Annual Meeting & Exhibition


Connectomics is a recent development in neuroscience that combines diffusion MRI (dMRI) and tractography with the analytical tools of network theory to investigate whole-brain connectivity [1]. Under this paradigm, segmented cortical areas (e.g. Brodmann areas) form the nodes of a network and tractography is used to construct a set of white matters tracts which form the connections of the network. Graph-theoretic measures may then be used to characterize topological patterns of connectivity [2]. Recent studies have demonstrated whole-brain network analysis in healthy volunteers [3,4]. However, whether the connectome approach can consistently reconstruct structural white matter networks and produce robust clinically useful metrics remains an open question. Here we measure the reproducibility of basic graph-theoretic measures obtained from dMRI data using a percentile bootstrap technique. Since these measures are an essential prerequisite for more complex analyses, such as ““small-world”” measures or the identification of network hubs, their reliability is crucial to the whole connectome approach.


ISMRM 20th Annual Meeting & Exhibition


Melbourne, Australia

Event: Conference

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