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The GAPS programme with HARPS-N at TNG IV. A planetary system around XO-2S

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  • S. Desidera
  • A. S. Bonomo
  • R. U. Claudi
  • M. Damasso
  • K. Biazzo
  • A. Sozzetti
  • F. Marzari
  • S. Benatti
  • D. Gandolfi
  • R. Gratton
  • A. F. Lanza
  • V. Nascimbeni
  • G. Andreuzzi
  • L. Affer
  • M. Barbieri
  • L. R. Bedin
  • A. Bignamini
  • F. Borsa
  • P. Calcidese
  • J. M. Christille
  • R. Cosentino
  • E. Covino
  • M. Esposito
  • P. Giacobbe
  • A. Harutyunyan
  • D. Latham
  • M. Lattanzi
  • G. Leto
  • G. Lodato
  • C. Lovis
  • A. Maggio
  • L. Malavolta
  • L. Mancini
  • A. F. Martinez Fiorenzano
  • G. Micela
  • E. Molinari
  • C. Mordasini
  • U. Munari
  • L. Pagano
  • M. Pedani
  • F. Pepe
  • G. Piotto
  • E. Poretti
  • M. Rainer
  • I. Ribas
  • N. C. Santos
  • G. Scandariato
  • R. Silvotti
  • J. Southworth
  • R. Zanmar Sanchez

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Original languageEnglish
Article number6
Number of pages6
JournalAstronomy & Astrophysics
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2014


We performed an intensive radial velocity monitoring of XO-2S, the wide companion of the transiting planet-host XO-2N, using HARPS-N at TNG in the framework of the GAPS programme. The radial velocity measurements indicate the presence of a new planetary system formed by a planet that is slightly more massive than Jupiter at 0.48 au and a Saturn-mass planet at 0.13 au. Both planetary orbits are moderately eccentric and were found to be dynamically stable. There are also indications of a long-term trend in the radial velocities. This is the first confirmed case of a wide binary whose components both host planets, one of which is transiting, which makes the XO-2 system a unique laboratory for understanding the diversity of planetary systems.

    Research areas

  • techniques: radial velocities, planetary systems, stars: individual: XO-2S, stars: individual: XO-2N, RADIAL-VELOCITY MEASUREMENTS, CHAIN MONTE-CARLO, EXTRASOLAR PLANETS, BINARY-SYSTEMS, HOT JUPITERS, HOST STARS, COMPANIONS, EXOPLANETS, SEARCH, II.

ID: 21479043