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Towards an Automated Workflow for Postsynaptic Proteome Protein-Protein Interaction Network Building.

Research output: Contribution to conferencePoster


Proteomic analysis of the post synaptic density (PSD) reveals a complexity amongst the highest of any sub-cellular organelle. The PSD is a multi-protein complex consisting of over 1000 proteins which subsequently underlies the molecular computation in the brain [1]. Using protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks as a scaffold, we constructed a network model. This model reveals how the complexity of the PSP facilitates cognitive processes. Moreover the model highlights how failures in pathways may lead to cognitive illness in humans or behavioural phenotypes in animal models [2]. One can utilize models of protein interactions of the synapse proteome like the the ones created by the proposed workflow to understand cognitive function in its lowest level, that of molecular machinery, based on the interpretation, analysis and predictive value of these models.

ID: 18516570